Mesha Seville – The Model

Mesha the one and Only

Mesha Seville, who is a 27-year-old model from New Jersey, graces the cover of the 2 Year Anniversary issue of Straight Stuntin Magazine. In the cover story, Mesha referred to her mother as an inspiration. “Let’s see my inspirations,” she said. “There are so many things that make me thankful for waking up every day, but the one person I am going to give a shout out too is my moms. That woman is amazing. I have never needed or wanted growing up and she did it all by herself. I thank God everyday for her.” Like her mother, Mesha is a single mother with a great future ahead of her!

Mesha Seville Trimming the Hedge


Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Body type:    5′ 7″ / Athletic

 Zodiac Sign: Leo

Children:       Proud parent

Mesha Is in a 🙂 Relationship


SS Mag Cover Busta Rhymes &amp; Mesha Seville


For Bookings Please Contact Jonathan of Warran and Barum Agency – NYC




You can’t be held down by anything, no matter what happens you have to love yourself and get back up when you’re knocked down and believe that god is watching. Just be patient good things will come to those who wait and pain will come to those who deserve. You can’t help or control the people that are set out to hurt you for no reason that just means they have so much hate in their heart, all you can do is love that person and pray god will touch their soul.


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